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Tractor Restoration Project

Dromard is a small parish at the furthermost point of North Longford consisting of 300 members. Dromard is surrounded by two other parishes which are not only in two different counties but also two other provinces. Despite our isolation from the rest of the county we have worked extremely hard as a community and a team and in the past decade and have come from being underdogs to a team to be reckoned with.

Dromard has won two senior county championships in eight years along with five-in-a-row under 21 championships and many other titles. We also had the privilege of having four of our players represent our club at county level. 

The objective of this proposed development is for social inclusion and access for all, whether it be race, gender, age or disability, but above all our youth. Taking into consideration today’s society, peer pressures and environmental factors that have had an impact on our younger generation, our proposed new development will accommodate activities for everybody, other than football.

When we started back in 1992, we had all but a few boggy fields. Throughout the years the trojan community input and support has been so much that we have never had to borrow to fund any project we undertook. As a club we decided back then that no development would be carried out unless we had the monies to complete the project.

Currently Dromard has two all-weather playing pitches and a club house consisting of four dressing rooms, a meeting room and function room. Over the years we have carried out various fundraising events such as a hugely successful Lord Mayor campaign, traditional fair days and carnival weekends and Who Needs Talent competitions. We also we involved 30 farmers in rearing one heifer each for the club, culminating in a traditional fair day sale with all proceeds going to the club, our most recent fundraiser was a monster draw from which we raised €150,000 in a three month period

Back in the early nineties as part of our fundraising we planted 1,300 Irish oak trees at our all-weather pitches. Currently we are promoting the sale of these certificates to club members near and far, the proceeds of which are going towards the installation of solar paneling to our clubhouse. From this I hope you can see that we as a community are working hard together for the benefit of current generations and for generations to come.

Project Background

This year Dromard GAA Club will begin a major fundraising campaign to raise monies for the development of a 3G training surface . Work on this development will commence April 2011 at a cost of €400,000. The proposed facility will include a 80m x 40m artificial synthetic grass surface for training all our teams from under 8 up to senior level .

We recognise that in these difficult economic times we need to be creative in our thinking in terms of fundraising methods and we believe we have come up with a novel idea that will interest people and encourage support.

The Massey Ferguson 35 tractor was an integral part of the farming community in Ireland from the 1950’s and down through the years it has been replaced with many newer versions and so the Massey Ferguson 35 is now a very sought after tractor and is very much a farmers collector item and is one that we believe is very saleable in terms of raffle.

Massey Ferguson 35 tractors have been identified and sourced from two families within the parish of Dromard with the purpose of restoring them to their original form using local talent under the supervision of skilled craftsmen. This project will be used as educational tool to pass on the art of restoration while at the same time producing a valuable unit at upon completion.

It is proposed to carry out these restoration works during from January to March 2011 at the club facilities in Dromard where a significant number of weekly events occur and therefore large volumes of people will witness this interesting project unfold.

A Steering committee will manage and track the progress of project and take video and photo shots to capture each stage of the restoration process and use these to publicise the project in the media.

The restoration will be complete by early March for the launch of the draw on St Patrick’s Day 2011 and thereafter the campaign will be rolled out far and wide focusing on events that attract large numbers of the farming community. Such events will include:


  • Agricultural shows
  • National ploughing championship
  • Farmer marts and markets
  • Summer festivals
  • Vintage shows

Each raffle ticket will cost €5.00 and the draw to win the newly restored Massey Ferguson 35 will take place in October 2011 by which time we will have visited 33 shows and have made contact with estimated audience of 250,000 people.

We are very excited about this project and feel it’s something that will generate a lot of interest in the wider community as we visit the many events around the country and showcase the restoration of what has become an iconic brand in rural Ireland.

Project Timeline




Commence Restoration

January 2011

Identify Sponsor

February / March 2011

Complete Restoration

March 2011

Media Relations Campaign

March 2011

Launch Draw

March 2011


October 2011